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Elected representation on the university’s governing body

ABUAD leadership consists of an experienced Board of Trustees, Governing Council, Senior Management and Academic committees and boards who play a vital role in guiding the University’s growth. All committees and councils at the University and College levels have elected representation from the Student Representative Council (SRC) and the Alumni Association.

The Governing Council

The ABUAD Governing Council is the supreme governing body of the University. It is responsible for the general control of the administration of policies of the University, including the promotion of public relations, wellbeing, and corporate image of the University. The Council monitors the  institutional and executive performance on all key sector areas of the University including the implementation of budgets, keeping of proper books of account, proper utilisation of funds on capital projects and recurrent expenditures, performance of principal and other management staff of the University, and making report of their findings to the Board of Trustees for necessary directions.

The Governing Council is constituted and appointed by the Board of Trustees of the University. The majority of Council membership is drawn from the lay public and representatives of a variety of interests. Other members of the Council are the Pro-Chancellor (who is its Chairman), the Vice-Chancellor and the Deputy Vice-Chancellors as well as representatives of the University Senate, the Student Representative Council, the Congregation and the Convocation. The Registrar is Secretary to Council.

Council normally meets three or four times a year. Most of its work is therefore carried on, in-between meetings, by Finance and General Purposes Committee and a number of other standing committees including Buildings, Works and Sites, the Tenders Board, the Appointments and Promotions Committee for Non- Academic Staff, the Junior Staff Committee, Committee on Security, etc.

The University’s Student Representative Council designates a student representative who represents the interests of students as a member of the University’s Governing Council.

  1. What is the Student Representative Council?

ABUAD recognizes and supports the functioning of the University’s Student Council (SRC). The SRC is the students’ highest body of representation, deliberation, consultation and advice.  The Student Council comprises elected representatives from each of the Colleges of the University who are chosen by vote from an entirely student led electoral process.

The main functions of the SRC include:

  • Representing students as a whole before the University’s governing bodies, and also in the inter-university liaising and coordination bodies where students are represented.
  • Providing a channel for expressing students’ aspirations, requests and proposals, and promote, coordinate and advocate their concerns, rights and interests.
  • Taking part in the evaluations of the University’s services.
  • Advising students, protecting their interests, and listening to and resolving on issues raised by their representatives.

The SRC is responsible fordesignating a student representative for the University’s Governing Council, University Senate, Academic Committee and Boards of the University. Important committees of the University that include designates of the SRC include:

  • The University Governing Council
  • The University Senate
  • The University Research and Innovation Committee (URIC)
  • Student Disciplinary Committee (SDC)
  • College Academic Boards
  • Student Welfare Board
  • Academic Planning Committee
  • Library Committee
  • Publications Committee
  • Work and Payments Committee
  • Farm Management Committee
  • Careers Board
  • The Board of Postgraduate Studies,
  • among others.


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