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University’s Training and programmes to improve Basic Services

ABUAD organizes more than 100 programs (distance learning, part-time, short cycle workshops, bachelor, master and doctoral levels) with the goal of enhancing maximum learning achievement thereby ameliorating the fundamental and basic services for all. These training which revolves around health care services, eradication of poverty and improvement on the standard of living (provision of table water, electricity and capacity building in agribusiness and sustainable agriculture)
1. The Law Clinic at the ABUAD College of Law provides courses and programs aimed to alleviate poverty and facilitate access to justice for the less privileged members of the society. Such programs include monthly trainings conducted in prisons, disability homes and low-income communities aimed at creating awareness on basic government services and programs.

Afe Babalola University law clinic provides invaluable services to its neigbouring communities as part of the fulfillment of some of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The law clinic experience forms part of students’ legal practice and as well equips the students with the requisite skills they need for the workplace as well as sound theory and in-depth substantive contents of their subjects of study.

This is the chronological report of Afe Babalola University Law Clinic from 2015-2021


 2. The Directorates Open and Distant Learning and Part Time Studies offers a wide range of degree programs aimed at enhancing access to university degree programs to prospective students from poor, vulnerable and non-traditional academic backgrounds, especially executives, women and low-income individuals that would not otherwise be able to attend the University.

ABUAD Community Development Seminars 2021

In line with its visions to advance the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), through lifelong learning and continuous personal development among the wider community, The Research and Innovation Directorate of Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti (ABUAD) is welcoming registration for its online community development seminars. The Research and Innovation Directorate of Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti (ABUAD) hosts a wide range of Community Development Seminars targeted at providing opportunities for local communities to learn, unlearn and relearn the value of clean energy and its efficiency. The seminars focus on energy citizenship and sustainability business, with the goal of providing the local communities with the requisite tools needed to commence and commercialize their own energy efficiency business and innovations.

Click here to see the ABUAD Community Seminars for Year 2021

Free community development seminars are open to anyone who is 15 years or older, and has a love for learning and personal development. These seminar sessions are offered in five sessions in total (two hours a class), over a two-week period, free of charge, and are offered in English. Participants who successfully partake in a minimum of four out of five classes receive a certificate of completion. These seminar courses are not credit-bearing and are ineligible for transfer towards any formal degree or program at ABUAD.

These seminars will also involve a section for advocacy, sensitization and awareness creation for students, staff members, and local communities in the sustainable development goals thematic areas. Since 2016, ABUAD has organized an annual Green Pledge Day (GPD), a program that enables students, faculty, and members of the local communities to take a solemn promise and an undertaking towards ensuring 100% renewable energy and its attendants energy efficiency efforts in their respective houses, organisations, and day-to-day operations. Therefore, the 2021 training edition will also impact positively on the staff, students and local communities more by continually promoting public promise towards ensuring one hundred percent (100%) renewable energy that will impact positively on the environment and bring about a better climate change.

With guided presentations and instructions by world-class experts and scholars drawn from across the world, participants will be exposed to latest developments and knowledge in a wide range of sustainable development themes…

ABUAD Clean and Green Club Lecture Series and Event 2021


  • Workshops and Certifications:  ABUAD offers a wide range of free occupational health and safety workshops and training programs which support members of the local community to maintain an accident free work environment, and programmes that will assist participants to have in-depth understanding of transitioning from poverty to prosperity and world of possibilities in areas of meeting basic human needs and supporting them to prioritise basic needs, income stability and housing stability among many others. These include the Annual Certified Basic Life Support Course; Injury Prevention Workshop; Certified Health and Safety Management of Hazardous Materials & Waste Workshop, poverty eradication workshop and seminar , issues surrounding gender-based violence in Ekiti State, and Issues on Sex during World AIDS Day 2021 as well as drug related issues.
  • Community Health Outreach and Vaccination campaigns: The ABUAD College of Health and Medical Sciences, in partnership with the ABUAD Multisystem Hospital offers free health campaign programs. Such community programs include
    • Annual HIV/AID Awareness Campaign
    • Annual Seasonal Flu Vaccination Campaign
    • Annual Blood Donation Campaign
    • Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign
    • Diabetes Prevention Campaign
    • Vitamin D Screening Campaign
    • Organ Donation Awareness Campaign
    • Sexual Health Awareness
    • Mental Health Awareness
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